Metal Cable Trunking
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Cable trunkings are used for mechanical protection and organisation of various laid cables, where as to protect cables from mechanical damages and to cover unorganised cables.

Our cable trunking range are extremly popular amongst those well known construction and building companies due to its lightweight and durable design. At the same time , it offers a very neat and sleek arrangement which will conceal away cables and wiring effectively.

Our Cable trunking are widely use and comes with many options for the final finishing touch i.e.

a) HDG ( Hot Dipped Galvanized in accordance to BS EN ISO 1461),

b) Marine Grade Stainless Steel,

c) Pre - Galvanized,

d) Electro-Galvanized

e) Painted

f) Powder Coated.

The metallic type of cable trunking can be used in almost any location including Electrical Substations, Power Plants, Factories, Homes, Hotels, Hospitals and mainly in Electrical Power Systems. it is available in different materials, dimensions and shape to fit the site location and requirements of the installation. Cable Trunking are normally square or rectangular shape, whilst providing easy entry for the single and multicore cables when required by removing the cover secured through a screw.

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