The Fox-in-a-Box® cable labelling starter kit from Silver Fox is an ideal, cost-effective solution for printing large volumes of labels.

We offer 3 levels of Fox-in-a-Box® Thermal Printer Kit :    

a) Basic      
b) Advanced      
c) Professional .

The Same Printer and Ribbon are shared at all levels.

This common platform protects your investment and ensures the our solution is easy and straightforward to use while at the same time offering a seamless upgrade from one level to another.

Your investment is further protected as our software automatically updates over the web, giving you the latest functionality Free Of Charge (FOC).

What’s included in Fox-in-a-Box? 

A) Software: Labacus Innovator 1) Basic or 2) Advanced or 3) Professional
B) DTP1/300 Thermal Printer
C) Full length Thermal Ribbon (300m)
D) Printer Leads Full Instruction Manual and
E) Full Technical Support FOC

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