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Product Description

The Substation earth clamp range from P&B Weir Electrical is designed to meet ENA technical specification 41/21. This includes the Earth End Clamps which are precision manufactured from a robust aluminium casting with stainless steel fittings. 
The sprung loaded feature of all types makes them suitable for application by hand to copper or aluminium earth bars in any natural condition. This sprung loaded feature of the clamps also makes them suitable for application by hand. Only normal strength is necessary to achieve a good contact and tightness.


Product Benefits

** Solid construction for extended service
** Proven service record used by ESI for over 40 years
** Light weight and good corrosion resistance

Further technical details

Sprung loaded clamps should be tightened down until the spring is fully compressed but not overtightened. Earth end clamps should be fastened securely in place before any attempt is made to secure the line end clamp. Each Substation Earth Clamp should be inspected at intervals and prior to each application. All clamps should operate freely and moving parts should be lightly lubricated, springs should be protected by heavy grease and contact faces should be clean.

Product Specification


Item Code Earth Tape Thickness (mm) Earth Tape Width (mm) Short Circuit Rating
DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE20/ESI-E1 3.2 - 6.5mm 38 - 50mm 38kA/2sec
DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE20/2 3.2 - 6.5mm 39 - 50mm 38kA/2sec
DSSB-SLE-PEE-CE21 3.2 - 13mm 25 - 50mm 17.5kA/2sec

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