Transformer Rubberised Cork Sheet
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Transformer Rubberised Cork Sheet


Grade TG – 7715
Binder NBR
Cork Grain Size 0.5 to 1mm
Hardness IRHD
(For classification only)
70° ± 5
Tensile Strength (kgf/cm 2) 15.80 Min
Flexibility (Thickness x 3) No Cracks
Compressibility at 28 kg / cm 2 (%) 25 – 35
Recovery ,% 80 Min
Volume Change after Immersion in ASTM 15 Max
Oil No. 3 for 70 hoursoC , %  
Note : 

  • One of the most popular material used in the domestic market, this is highly suitable for the Power Transformers and heavy Engineering Applications. A material having high hardness manufactured from fine imported Cork Granules providing excellent oil, heat and Ozone resistant properties. Its' excellent compression Set and Side-Flow properties control Lateral Spread Tendency of ordinary Cork Sheets and is therefore, best suited for Outdoor Transformers. Widely used by SEBs OE Transformer manufacturers of Repute.

  • Sheet Size : 915mm x 915mm, 915mm x 610mm and 1040mm x 1040mm  (1000mm x 1000mm) 

  • Thickness:as per Customer request.

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