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Solar Panel Wash is Approved

Solar Panel Wash has been approved by SolarWorld, America’s Largest Solar Manufacturer since 1975.  We have also received an approval from Canadian Solar who is one of the three biggest solar companies in the world by revenue and 4 additional panel manufacturer approvals. Along with manufacturer approvals we have testimonials from end users describing how pleased they are with the performance of SPW™.  Please see the sidebar for these approvals and testimonials.Get the maximum output from your panels with American Polywater’s Solar Panel Wash.

Physical Properties of Solar Panel wash (SPW)

SPW Solar Panel Cleaner is a non-caustic cleaner which contains no solvents.

Table below shows SPWs Property and its result .

Property Result
Flashpoint (ASTM D93) None
Initial Boiling Point 100°C
Specific Gravity 1.00
Percent Aromatics None


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