Insulated Piercing Connector (IPC) LV
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Product Description

The Insulated Piercing Connectors(IPC) Low Voltage(LV) is used for all connections of insulated aluminium and copper main and branch conductors, it enables hot line installation. Our product offers a simple installation, small contact resistance which keeps the clamp's temperature low. The body of the IPC is made out of high quality thermoplastic that is ultra-violet (UV) resistant, water proof, and protected against corrosion. 

Product Description  Materials
Body IPC  Thermoplastic
Bolt M8 / M10  Steel 
Overtorque Sheer Head  Steel 
Flat Washer M10  Steel 
Insulation  Thermoplastic 
Piercing Teeth  Brass
End Cap Thermoplastic

Product Specification


Item Code Item Conductor
Size (mm2)
Purpose/to Connect


From... Line To... Line
DSSB-ABC-IPC1M95-16 IPC1 95 ~ 16 25 ~ 10 Sub Main & Serv. Services
DSSB-ABC-IPC2M95-70 IPC2 95 ~ 70 95 ~ 70 Sub main Sub Main 
DSSB-ABC-IPC3M185-120* IPC3 185 ~ 120 185 ~ 70 Main Main/Sub Main
DSSB-ABC-IPC4M185-120/25-10 IPC4 185 ~ 120 25 ~ 10 Main Services
DSSB-ABC-IPC6M16-70 IPC6 16 ~ 70 1.5 ~ 6 Street Lighting
DSSB-ABC-IPC7M70-185 IPC7 70 ~ 185 1.5 ~ 6 Street Lighting
DSSB-ABC-IPC8M70-95 IPC8 70 ~ 95 6 ~ 35 Sub Main  Pole Fuse/St. Light
DSSB-ABC-IPC8AM120-185 IPC8A 120 ~ 185 6 ~ 35 Main Pole Fuse/St. Light

* double bolt

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