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Product Description

Two types available : Type A & Type G

The main functions of a Rod to Tape clamp is to ease the connections of earth rods to various sizes of copper tape made available in the market.  The main materials used to manufactured the Rod to Tape clamp are from high quality copper and aluminium alloys. This is to reduce any risks arised from dangerous electrical shocks occurred due to an uninsulated metal parts of any appliances installed.

Product Specification     
Code Earth Rod
Copper Tape Size
DSSB-EA-BAC253 Ø 1'' + 50mm x 6mm
DSSB-EA-BAC25506 Ø 1'' + 50mm x 6mm (x2)
Ø 3/4'' + 50mm x 6mm (x3)
Ø 5/8'' + 50mm x 6mm (x4)
Ø 1'' + 25mm x 3mm (x4)
Ø 3/4'' + 25mm x 3mm (x4)
Ø 5/8'' + 25mm x 3mm (x4)

Product Images

 Rod To Tape (Type G)


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