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Product Description 

Conducrete Ground is a earthing enhancing material that consists of mainly conductive cement and carbonaceous materials.

The insulating and conductive materials within the conducrete ground works hand-in-hand  to give the product a capacitive nature.

It is often impossible to achieve the desired reading in earth resistance by increasing more earthing grid conductors ( copper tapes, cables ) or copper bonded earthing rods. (anode)

An optional method is to increase the diameter of the earth or ground copper bonded rods by improving the soil surrounding the earthing rods.

With the rising price of copper, the cost-effective solution is to include our Ground Enhancement Material such as our Conducrete (GEM-ST).

Our GEM-ST Ground Enhancement Material is considered one of the best enhanced alternate solution available on the market.

It typically placed around the earthing rod in an augured hole or surronding earthing tapes or cables in a trench. 

GEM-ST is a permanent material and will not leach any chemicals into the ground.

Conducrete is a conductive material that improves earthing effectiveness, especially in areas of poor conductivity rocky conditions, location with less moisture, sandy ground.

It is one of the preferred option for Electrical Substations, Transmission Towers, Solar Farms,  Railways Projects , High Rise Buildings, especially in locations with

dry soil conditions and bad soil. 

 By addition of GEM-ST to these soils can effectively reduce soil resistivity and grounding resistance.

Technical Specification
Physical State Powder 
Physical Colour  Dark Grey
Smell None
Dry Density  1400 kg/m³ (Depend on Compaction)
Wet Densitiy  1700 kg/m³ (Hardened State)
Shrinkage 0.015% at 28 days
Compressive Strength 28 days 21 Mpa
Water Absorption 32.40%
Resisitivity  < 10 ohm cm
Electrolytic Corrosive Resistance Reduction In Corrosion 86%
High Fault Current Test Withstand 1686 V for 500ms
Environment Impact (PH) Neutral

Product Specification 

Item Code Weight
DSSB-EA-GEM-ST 11kg/bag (25lbs)

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