Constant Force Spring
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Product Description 

Our constant force spring is made up of high quality special-typed stainless steel. It is corrosion-resistant and fatigue-proof. Constant force spring is used in the application of cast resin, heat-shrink and slip-on cable accessories. It's purpose is to enables solder-free electrical connections of metal cable components (screen, armouring,metal sheath) and earthing materials (copper grounding wire, copper mesh sleeve).

Finishing Colour: Natural (Version A) and Brass (Version B)


Product Specification 

Version A 

Item Code  Application Range  Width 
DSSB-CFS-12.7/19.0 12.7mm - 19.0mm 12.7
DSSB-CFS-20.3/38.1 20.3mm - 38.1mm 15.9
DSSB-CFS-25.4/56.0 25.4mm - 56.0mm 15.9
DSSB-CFS-38.1/76.2 38.1mm - 76.2mm 15.9
DSSB-CFS-45.7/101.6 45.7mm - 101.6mm 15.9

Version B

Item Code Application Range  Width 
DSSB-CFS-17/28.0 17.0mm - 28.0mm 16
DSSB-CFS-24/37.0  24.0mm - 37.0mm 16
DSSB-CFS-33/49.0  33.0mm - 49.0mm 16
DSSB-CFS-44/70.0 44.0mm - 70.0mm 20
DSSB-CFS-55/92.0 55.0mm - 92.0mm 20

Product Image

Constant Force Spring (Version A)

Constant Force Spring (Version B)

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