Multirange Line Tap for Copper Cables
Multirange Line Tap for Copper Cables Accessories For Aluminium Bare Conductors ABC Accessories Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Supplier, Manufacturer, Supply, Supplies | Delta Sama Jaya Sdn Bhd

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Product Description

The Multirange Line Tap For Copper Cables is an important tool in the electrical wiring environment as it allows consumers to stay connected on a distribution line. It functions by tapping a power line to form a network. The multirange line tap connector is made from high quality materials with high tensile strength. The multirange line tap has a simple two bolt clamping and pressing in one action mechanism which makes it easy to be installed and when installed properly by a trained professional, almost 80% of  incidents can be prevented. This tool has low costings for the installation process.

Product Benefits

** Sturdy
** Excellent finish
** Easy to be installed
** Low cost for installation
** High tensile strength

Product Specification

Item Code  Item  Conductor Sizes
Main (mm2) Branch (mm2)
DSSB-ABC-MLT-B95240-1670 BIG  95 - 240  16 - 70
DSSB-ABC-MLT-S50150-450 SMALL 50-150 4-50

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