Universal Phase Clamp
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Product Description

The Universal Phase Clamp is a screw-fastening clamp, which can be applied on a wide range of rectangular or cylindrical section conductor bars, “T” fixed points and on spherical pieces (ball studs) with 25 mm diameters. It is made up of high quality glavanised steel with its body pieces made up of tin-plated copper alloy. The clamp’s body has a slanting profile which facilitates its hanging on conductor horizontally positioned or slightly inclined towards the ground.The construction and shape of  the clamp provides the possibility of slanting application, by side attachment, on flat conductor bars vertically positioned, as well as the possibility to be applied with spherical pieces (ball studs).The clamp is detached from the conductor by the simple opening of the clamp (by unscrewing the driving screw, the mobile jaw is lowered), followed by the lifting of the clamp from the conductor.

Product Specification

Connection to: Flat conductors up to 20, ball diameter 25mm, round conductors 9-22mm, T-bolts 20mm
Anti-twist locking Yes
Max. short circuit current 42 kA/0.5s or 29.6 kA/1s
Standard IEC 61230
Standard spindle DIN 48087
Temperature range -25°C up to +55°C
Material Clamp body Copper alloy, tin-plated
Material pressure piece Copper alloy, tin-plated
Material spindle Steel, galvanised
Cable lug connection M12
Material screw/spring plate/conical spring washer Steel, galvanised
Weight 0.72 kg

Special Feature:
T-bolts : Max Short Circuit Current 33.5 kA/0.5s or 23.7kA/1s

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