Interlocked H.V. Overhead Traction Line Portable Earthing Equipment
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Product Description

This equipment is mainly used for providing temporary earth bonds between overhead catenary or contact conductors and earthed rail sections or recognized earthing points. The equipment has been specially enhanced in order to address the potential fatal procedure of removing the equipment in the wrong order from service. To ensure that the line is removed prior to the earth potential clamp, it incorporates a special key which must be used. The tamperproof lock arrangement is an integral part of both clamps with up to 20 combinations are provided, to deter 'master keys' being used to fool the system.

Earth End Clamp
** Short Circuit Rating 34kA/1sec

Line End Clamp
** Conductor Range ; 3mm to 27mm diameter
** Short Circuit Rating; 8 kA/1sec

Interconnecting Leads
** Length to suit application
** Short Circuit Rating; 8 kA/1 sec

Insulated Poles
** 4' Lower Section
** 4' Intermediate Section
** 4' Top Section

Operating Socket
** British Rail Code; 91/00852

Interlocked Clamp Kit
** Compromising Line End Clamp, Earth End Clamp and Interconnecting Lead
** Railtrack Approval Certificate No.PA05/00944

PVC Carrying Bag
** Suitable for carrying above equipment

Product Benefit

** Rugged Construction
** Excellent Corrosion Resistance
** 20 'key' Combination
** Tamper Proof
** Suitable for Fitting to All Common Types of Running and Conductor Rails
** Suitable for Corroded Rails, Steel Framework or Earthing Points
** Approval Ref. PA05/00944

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