Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment and Accessories is a category of products and accessories used for safety purposes in electrical site works to prevent injuries and fatalities when dealing with high and low voltage works.

Portable Earthing Equipment for Substation.
 Transmission Line

Portable Earthing Equipment for Transmission Line.

Portable Earthing Equipment for Distribution.
 Rail Safety Accessories

Portable Earthing Equipment for Railway.
 Voltage Detector

Equipment used to detect voltage.
 Soft Discharge Rod

Equipment used to discharged excess electrical voltage to earth.
 Insulation Glove

Safety Glove used as protection from high-voltage & low-voltage and injury.
 Insulation Boots

Safety Boots for working in low-voltage installation which offer high-level protection.
 Electric Arc-Flash Suit

A special suit to prevent injury while working in environment with possibility to cause Arc-Flash/Flashover.
 Rubber Mat

Safety rubber mat used for safety in Substation, Power Plant & Electric Installation Switchboard.
 Safety Fibreglass Ladder

Safety Fibreglass Ladder does not conduct electricity, which provide safety when working with high voltage power lines, low voltage power lines or other overhead live sources of electricity.

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