Jumbo Band Buckles SS-CrNi SS 304
Jumbo Band Buckles SS-CrNi SS 304 Giant-Buckles SS-CrNi Buckles & L-Clips Stainless Steel Band System Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Selangor Supplier, Manufacturer, Supply, Supplies | Delta Sama Jaya Sdn Bhd


Product Description

The BANDIMEX JUMBO buckles are used for a single or double wrapped Bandimex JUMBO Band. It is made out of stainless steel (SS-CrNi) thus, it is corrosion and rust resistance. It comes in a box of 25 (25 pcs./box). 

Product Specification

** 25 pieces/box, for single or double wrapped Bandimex JUMBO-Band SS-CrNi

Cat. No. Band Width Weight (kg)
DSSB-S-440 19,0 mm - 3/4'' 0,8
DSSB-S-441 25,0 mm - 1'' 1,1
DSSB-S-442 32,0 mm - 11/4'' 1,4

Product Image


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