GI Steel Wire
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GI Steel Wire

GI Stranded wire is composed of a number of small gauge wire bundled or wrapped together to form a larger conductor. GI Stranded wire is more flexible than solid wire of the same total cross-section area.

GI Stranded wire tends to be a better conductor than solid wire because the individual wires collectively comprise a greater surface area. GI Stranded wire is used when higher resistance to metal fatigue is required.

Example of a GI wire exothermic welding Connection to a Vertical Standing Galvanised Angle Iron.

Step 1
Setup the mold securely attaching to the vertical galvanised angle iron surface. Then put the disc into mold.

Step 2
Gently pour in all the weld metal powder into the mold and leave traces of the ''Starting Powder'' onto the top surface of the mold.

Step 3
Ignite the Starting Powder with flint ignitor.
Step 4
The exothermic welding process begins.

Step 5
Please wait for the mold to naturally cool down. Warning !!! DO NOT pour water on to the mold.

Step 6
After the mold is sufficiently cool, Slowly unlock the mold with the handle clamp.

Step 7
Clean away any slag and the exothermic connection is completed .

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