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Product Description 

The Cable Grips are widely used in the power, communications, and general construction fields to pull wires and cables only for tensioning. Our cable grips are manufactured from forged alloy steel which makes it very durable yet lightweight, we also apply a yellow chromate finish to protect the cable grip from rust and corrosion. In addition to that, our cable grips are specially desinged to be compatible with a wider range of cable diameters.

Product Specification

Item Code  Min. Cable  Max. Cable  Capacity  Jaw Length 
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-10kN 5mm 22mm 10kN 70mm
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-20kN 5mm 22mm 20kN 90mm
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-MIGHTY20 5mm 28mm 20kN 120mm
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-LARGE20 16mm 35mm 20kN 120mm
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-30kN 6mm 22mm 30kN 90mm
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-LARGE30 18mm 35mm 30kN 120mm
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-50kN 18mm 36mm 50kN 180mm
DSSB-CLA-WG/B-AL-60kN 28mm 46mm 60kN 220mm

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