Conduit Snake
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Product Specification

Conduit snake
Conduit Snake has range of continuous fibreglass duct rod.
Diameter 8mm, 11mm and 14mm have detachable pulling eye as standard

It is made from pultruded fibreglass strands jacketed with 2mm tough polypropylene
coating to give a unique combination
** use for conducting and cleaning of underground cable
** both end cab be attach with accessories
** made in fibreglass, high elastic
** easy to operate

Flexitrace come with copper cable inside the complete length of rod.
The detection depth is up to 3m.
The rod diameter is much more smaller compare to flexirod, have to handle with care to
prevent the rod broken.
Operator need to attached the Cable Locator’s Transmitter to the flexirod to provide
an Active Frequency to the rod and we can trace the alignment and depth of the rod.

Product Specification

Item Code Dia.  Length 
DSSB-CLA-CS300-11 11mm 300m
DSSB-CLA-CS300-14 14mm 300m
DSSB-CLA-CS050-08 8mm 50m
DSSB-CLA-CS100-08 8mm 100m
DSSB-CLA-FLEX650 6.7mm 150m

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Diameter 8mm, 11mm and 14mm have detachable pulling eye as standard

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