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Exothermic Welding Powder


The welding powder is copper base will be melted to complete the metallic bond at least 2 metals or conductors connection. The good powder will give the smooth and colorful joint.

Welding powder is packed in plastic cartridge with difference size (weight in gram) according to the connection needed. Each cartridge consistes of welding powder 97% by weight, and the starting powder at the bottom of the cartridge.

1) Characters of Exothermic Welding

• It has a superior electrical conductivity to the conductors themselves.

• It does not corrode , oxidize of degrade with time and is resistant to galvanic coupling.

• It does not produce any contamination and harmless to the environments.

• The procedure is simple to learn how to operate without professional knowledge.

2) The Welding Powder

Each type of welding powder is packed in clean and dry plastic cartridges with fitting cap.

One Set of welding powder consists of some cartridges and aluminium discs each.

The package will be sealed to protect the humidity and products damage. (split)

3) Application

Static Weld welding powder is suitable for metal connection, such as :

copper to copper, copper to steel, copper to cast iron, copper to rail and one for welding

copper to steel for cathodic protection.

4) Code Type

The weight (in grams) of the cartridge will be shown in the table below ;


SW 15

SW 32

SW 45

SW 65

SW 90

SW 115

SW 150

SW 200

SW 250

Powder (g)











5) Starting Powder

The ''Starting Powder '' can be found at the bottom of the welding powder tube for model SW 45 - SW 200 packing

Only the model SW 250 ( 250 grams ) , the '' Starting Powder'' is pack/ found separately in a small plastic bag. 



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