Ceramic Mold
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One Time Ceramic Mold 

Ceramic mold can be broke down or buried in place where the weld is completed. It is suitable for simple welding such as 2-way cable, 3-way cable, 1-way cable to rod, 2-way cable to rod, etc.

The ceramic mold is set in one-time kit consist of mold, welding powder and disk.


Step 1
Setup the ceramic mold in a proper flat and stable ground. After the conductors are in their position,  please put the disc into mold.

Step 2
Gently pour the weld powder into the mold.
Step 3
Close the Ceramic Mold with the lid cover and pour gently traces of the ''Starting Powder'' on the cover lid.

Step 4
Use the flint gun to ignite the Starting Powder.
Step 5
The ignition takes place.

Step 6
The exothermic process start immediately.

Step 7
After the exothermic welding is completed,  Leave the mold to cool down.

Step 8
Gently break the mold.

Step 9
The weld form is complete.
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